Spark up Engagement at Events Using Listly.

April 20th, 2014 by CASUDI (Caroline Di Diego)

If you understand how to create and use Listly lists you can increase the participation, excitement and spark up engagement at a conference, convention or training event. Listly is a curation and networking social media platform, which makes building communities, engagement and collaboration around lists easy.

Networking with Listly Lists Before, During and After the Event

Networking with Listly Lists Before, During and After the Event

Creating buzz ahead of the event attracts more attendees. Creating more  engagement and excitement during the actual event attracts press and/or attention online, building greater momentum around the event. This results in more involvement for the participants, and brings in the outside world, those who wish they were at the event (i.e: future participants). The buzz after an event magnifies the benefits, motivating continuation of engagement and the networking started at the event, plus building anticipation for the next one.

Here’s a scenario using Listly lists, based on actual examples, which have produced results before, during and after an event. 

(1) When the attendees of your conference sign up online, you ask them (as part of the sign up process) to add their name to a Listly list, created by you the organizer, for all attendees.

In this case you ask each attendee to add information about which social platforms they engage on and what subjects to be presented at the conference they are most interested in? [this information is added in the notes box when adding themselves to the Listly list]

This is what happens:



  • Networking between attendees starts ahead of the event.
  • The organizers get a sense of focus by attendees and can make decisions accordingly, which might even mean a change in venue,
  • During and after the event this is a useful way of linking to information about the people you meet.

(2) Before the conference you (the organizer) create a Listly list for each category: speakers, trainers and organizations/companies who are showcasing products in the booth mall.

Each Listly list is created by you the organizer, but each speaker or trainer or booth owner is asked to add their name and credentials to the appropriate list which features them. A different spin on this is the trainer Listly list is a training session list instead, with the associated trainer and credentials added in the notes!

This is what happens:



  • This helps attendees to quickly make the best choices in signing up for the training sessions.
  • During the conference the participants can vote on the speakers or trainers and leave comments. If a product in the booth mall is gaining attention, people can vote or comment it…maybe it will go viral!
  • This allows the organizers to have a pulse on the conference as it is happening. The number views of the lists provide a metric to measure engagement.

(3) After the conference the complete audio soundtrack of each speaker is added to the list already created to showcase the speakers. Attendees are invited to vote on the speakers and add comments.

Since the training sessions were paid for by the attendees, you opt for a short promo video clip of each trainer who did a training session to be added to their original (created before the conference) Listly list of trainers. You invite the trainers to create and add their own video promo and the participants in the train sessions to vote and comment on the trainers and the training sessions.

This is what happens:



  • Attendees can revisit the speakers on their own time via the audio tracks provided on the Listly list of all the speakers, to get more out of the speakers content after the conference.
  • Attendees can quickly find their favorite trainers to schedule further training or create in house corporate training events based on their conference experience.
  • The excitement is already started for the next event.



Listly gives attendees and participants numbered lists of information about those things which interest them most, making it much easier to navigate during an event and network successfully before, during and after.

Listly showcases the conference experts speakers and trainers, and allows them to be found easily even after the conference.

Lists are a great way to create engagement through the participation of speakers, trainers and attendees and that’s when the numbers explode.

Listly gives conference organizers a handle on measuring engagement. Views on pre-conference attendee lists have exceeded 15K, speakers lists have been viewed over 40K times.

Impressions have reached 10.3M, helping an organizer raise substantial sponsorship dollars, clearly proving the value of collaboration via Listly lists.


To learn about CONTENT MARKETING using Listly lists, please check out my recent post on The Content Marketing Institute Blog  How and Why Your Content Plan Should Include Numbered Lists: 4 Ideas

My 5 Top Favorite Quotes about Listly

My 5 Top Favorite Quotes about Listly

What are yours?

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