Springtime Cross Pollination

April 11th, 2011 by CASUDI (Caroline Di Diego)

Here are some of the recent most popular posts……. written by me, about me and published here there and everywhere. Spring is a good time to cross pollinate……and is there really any common thread, as to why these are the most popular?

RETURN DENIED A real life story illustrating how bureaucracy has taken over …….destroying the dreams of a family and sadly, no resolution yet.
Hi-OCTANE ENTREPRENEUR The key to Hi-Octane might be time management or could it be caffeine? Figure that one out, and only in Gearbox Magazine!
EAT LOCAL It’s good for you and fabulous to look at. My most popular photo essay.
THE IDEAL INTERVIEW ………soon I will be writing the logical follow on post……………. THE IDEAL JOB. Stay tuned.
THE REAL LIFE MBA Did we prove that REAL LIFE has the upper edge…….?
WHY I WANT CLEAN DRINKING WATER FOR MY BIRTHDAY Twitter celebrity @PISTACHIO tells me her personal story.

I am an eclectic writer and write about lots of different subjects on all three (& more) blogs…….. is there any one subject or category you think I should focus on? Comment below if you are inclined or please send me an email at casudi@esse-group.com


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  1. Brian Driggs Says:

    I had not seen the pictorial on local foods, Casudi. Wow. I only wish there was something like that here in Phoenix. Makes me want to garden – hard core. Now, if only I had a way of collecting the rare rainfall to help keep such a project irrigated – and keep the dog out of the garden!

    PS – Thank you, once again, for the interview. :)

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