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Should I PICK ONE?

Monday, July 9th, 2012

So often I tell people to PICK ONE? Please focus on one product, one niche market, one business area of expertise! I started my blog focus (against all advice) with an eclectic focus. Has the time come to change my direction and PICK ONE?

Obviously no one reading this post today has the time to read an example of each post on my abbreviated eclectic list below but please pick one and tell me if it should be my exclusive focus? Or is eclectic right for me?

My eclectic posts:

There is my NATIONAL ENQUIRER style and Return to US Denied attracted close to 10,000 views almost immediately. Definitely not my favorite style though I’ve proven I can do it; as I proved I could produce (& write for) Reality TV having done some of the first out there in the early 1990s, but after I did, I made the very conscious decision ” no shlock TV production for me ……. BTW this post is from my Images of Life blog.
I love writing about individual ENTREPRENURS and their unique stories. Here is one of the favorites, Selling when NoOne is Buying .
Your suggestions for Entrepreneurs to showcase are always welcome.
My START UP obsession is a prime interest of mine and area of expertise. Check out DESIGNING a House ~ DESIGNING A Start Up and Cultivate your Garden like a Start Up. My guest post for @MarkWSchaefer on Grow Is there such a thing as SUCCESSFUL FAIL is also Start Up related, a very specific one.
BRANDING including the personal kind. DESIGNING A STYLE and my fascination with Brands in China BRANDMANIA China
ARCHITECTURAL & INTERIOR DESIGN gives focus and credibility to my second career track.  Hindsight is 20:20  reviews a kitchen design of mine after 9 years with a critical eye. My guest post on 12most is design for everyone……12Most Fun Things to Obsess Over When Designing Your Own Space
SOCIAL MEDIA I’ve written several posts related to twitter: Twitter~ Building Bridges to Real Life , How I make the most of Online Chats , and The Cult of Twitter. My guest post on12Most is a cross between Social Media and Brands: 12 Most Engaging Reasons Why Brands Need to Embrace Social Media Now.

~ A favorite image above from “Twitter~Building Bridges to Real Life”

I’ve recently changed from a monthly article-like style post to a weekly shorter more “popular” format. This is obviously better for my social media presence (of course more frequent posts) however do my readers, many not on Social Media like this change?  

Other blogs I write and edit: Bank-On-Rain and BarnFindRiva

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