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Do I Really Want to Work to 90?

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Is it a better decision to downsize, reduce your standard of living and retire, OR to continue learning, repurposing your expertise and keep working on what you love? Do I Really Want to Work to 90?

Recently Linda Sherman @LindaSherman asked me to a write a guest post for BoomerTechTalk blog during a discussion on a recent twitter #blogchat hosted by @MackCollier ….it all started when I tweeted something about working until 90! I later discovered this to be quite a controversial subject; retirement….

Check out my post on retirement lifestyle planning  even if you are not ready for retirement just yet, and even if this sounds like a boring subject, it’s not!

The inspiration for my post was an entrepreneur whom I mentor. Marion is close to retirement age (whatever that is), and I have been mentoring her to become tech savvy, both in business and her personal life. She builds homes for very discriminating clients, and learning to manage with modern tech has really paid off; this got her to thinking that maybe she should continue working, because she can, and because she loves what she does.


Typical of the homes Marion builds. This is a summer home for an architect client himself; with a decidedly green focus.


In contrast, apparently a significant number of people believe that it is better to reduce their standard of living so that they can retire early and stop working! I personally don’t agree with this, but then I’m biased; I plan to work till I’m 90! (or some far off distant age when I can’t find my keyboard any longer…..)

We’ve seen dialogue on the blog itself as well as Google+

What do you think? Are you really good at what you do? Are you dying to retire? (pun-ishment). Do you need help re-purposing your expertise? If so, please join our conversation on BoomerTechTalk

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