June 26th, 2010 by CASUDI

In the interest of Cross Pollinating between two of my Blogs, here are some of the most popular of my IMAGES of Life posts:

The Icing on the Cake
Anyone who knows my (design) partner James, will enjoy this frivolous view of his creative side.
Dedicated to the Elevator Pitch
The link to the 15 second pitch mentioned in this post, has been extremely helpful in refining the focus on my current start up company; and also for several of the solo entrepreneurs and small businesses whom I mentor. A friend added: “don’t underestimate the value of your elevator presentation skills; this might be the only opportunity you have to meet ‘Mr. Right’.”
Cat on Steroids
The first of a series of four cat-vignettes, as related by TopKat, and quite true-to-life; culminating in the final post (so far) “All’s well that ends well”.
A View for all Seasons
This post took me a year to create, and with some local historical background added, continues to be popular.

If you enjoyed these shorter posts you might enjoy my China Travelog.


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