When You Want to Get Entrepreneurial

March 4th, 2014 by CASUDI

Have you decided to go the entrepreneur route and get entrepreneurial?

Are you facing information overload? Have you noticed that for almost every piece of advice there is, the opposite opinion can be found online?

How do you make the time to read and filter the information you need; to start your business or company? It’s just like everything else with a time management mindset; prioritize and select those writers and blogs where you get the most value.

Remember, as your business challenges change so will the benefits you receive from your “A” list of reading; an “A list” needs to be a flexible list that changes with your requirements. It also should have a finite number of blogs or newsletters, such as 10, 15 or 20 easy to digest in the time frame you give to reading each day or week.

I’ve been contributing to a savvy global business blog created by Marcel Slim and Stephen Tao in Singapore called Get Entrepreneurial.com.  I’ve tried to address issues for small business owners that I’ve not seen covered anywhere else.

Here are four of my most popular posts based on real life small business stories.

I hate my customers and what to do about it.

hategetenetrepreneurial This sadly happens from time to time, and hard decisions have to be  made; is it time to pivot or time to go out of business?

How far should a small business owner go?

howfargetentrepreneurial-300x262-300x262 When it comes to helping employees with personal problems are there any guidelines? Employees are often closer than family, and are the key ingredient in making a small business a success.

Can your business really benefit when you share a resource with your competition?

sharinggetentrepreneurial-150x150 The general consensus is definitely no, however I found out differently!

You may have a good idea but are you ready to start your own business?

good-idea-getentrepreneurial-150x150 When I take a would-be business owner through these five questions, we find out!

What small business story do you have which you would like featured, and analyzed in a post? Please leave a comment below or send me an email.

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